EXL: Draci have their first win. Třebíč still without a loss

Czech Extraliga continued with two games on Friday. In the cold weather it was the home teams which took the win.

Draci Brno started the season with two losses and they got their chance to win the first game on Friday when they faced Sokol Hluboká. The foreign pitchers were long in charge of the game, but it was Jose Medina who came on top in the end, when he didn’t allow any runs in seven innings and he only allowed one hit.

Draci scored their first run against Austin Hassani in the seventh inning when Martin Kalábek batted in Jakub Winkler. Both of the players had a good game in the end, when they finished with 2 RBI. Draci also scored a run after Sokol’s error.

Jan Vašourek then finished the game for the reigning champions. He only allowed 1 hits and struck out 4. Thanks to these performances Draci won their first game of the season 5-0.

Třebíč with another win

Both teams playing Třebíč also decided to rely on the foreign pitchers. And here too it was the home team which took the win in the end, because Ryan Johnson didn’t allow any runs in six innings and he struck out 11. Ali Ascanio, on the other hand, had some issues with locating his pitches, which ended with 7 walks.

Parádní výkon předvedl v pátek na kopci nadhazovač Ryan Johnson z Třebíč Nuclears, který svůj tým dovedl ke třetí výhře. V šesti směnách nepovolil žádný bod a přidal 11 strikeoutů. #baseballczech #milujemebaseball #trebic #extraliga #sport #pitcher

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Ryan Johnson also helped Třebíč in the offense, where he had 2 out of 3 hits for his team, and also 2 RBI. He then reached the home base himself after a wild pitch from Ascania to get the third run for Nuclears.

In the sixth inning Temp Praha sent Keider Herrera on the mound and he was able to halt the home defense. With 7 SO in 2.2 IP he proved any who might have doubted him after Opening weekend wrong. While Tempo had more hits in the game, they were unable to send any of the runners home.

After three games, each of the teams has a completely different outlook on the season. While Třebíč is currently 3-0 after 3-0 win, Tempo is yet to win a game this season.

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