EXL: Dominant wins for Draci and Tempo. Hroši with a comeback

There were three more games played in Extraliga on Sunday. This time there were several dominant wins and fans got to see two grand slam homeruns.

Eagles got a chance to finish the sweep in Prague derby. And they didn’t start bad, when they took a 1-0 lead in the first inning thanks to a hit from Willie De La Barcena. Home starter Ali Ascanio then got his stride and he threw 4 scoreless innings afterwards.

On the other hand visiting Emmanuel Herrera only kept zero in ER for two innings. Then came big moments from Elvys Castro and the game suddenly looked very different. First, Castro took advantage of a wide throw to the third base and scored the tying run. An inning later he then blasted a grand slam which forced Herrera out of the game with Vasko Kolev coming in for him. Tempo scored 5 runs in the 6th inning against the new pitcher and decided their win. The game finished 10-3 for them.

Draci beat Kotlářka the second time

The second game of the series between Draci and Kotlářka saw the reigning champions take 4-0 lead in the first inning. Arnošt Dubový then increased their lead to 6-0 in the second inning with a two run homerun. Home starter Angel Vilchez allowed 7 runs to Draci in the end.

Visiting Jhenderson Hurtado had a great game that we got used to from him in the previous season, when he only allowed 2 hits in 5 innings and didn’t walk anyone. He also struck out 7 batters. Vojtěch Ventruba then threw 2 more scoreless innings. Brno was hot in the offense in the seventh inning when Martin Červinka started it all with another two run homerun. Draci then increased their lead to 13-0 and left the field Na Markéte with an early finish.

Comeback for Hroši

Hluboká was close to winning their first game in the series on Sunday. They were leading 8-3 after five innings. But that was before Viktor Sedláček came on the mound for William Nahmens. Sedláček had a really bad sixth inning, where he had issues with the strike zone and added a couple of balks. Hroši saw the opportunity and started their comeback. It all culminated with a grand slam from Tomáš Říčný. It was also the second homerun of the game for Brno batter.

Martin Jiránek was able to bat in a tying run in the seventh inning, but Hroši then sent John Hussey on the mound and he kept Sokol batters in check. Tyler Smith’s triple in the eighth inning scored 10th run for Hroši and his team took the 10-9 win.

Hroši are now tied for the first place with Třebíč Nuclears, both with 7-3 record. On the other hand, Hluboká only has 2 wins after 10 games and are currently in the last Extraliga spot.

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