EXL: Austin Hassani stared with a one-hitter against Draci

Sokolo Hluboká’s pitcher Austin Hassani had an excellent game on Friday evening. He was one of the biggest factors in his team’s win against the reigning champions.

British national team player threw 9 innings in Southern Bohemia where he only allowed one hit to Brno team. The hit came in the fourth inning thanks to Arnošt Dubový. The infielder was also the only player to reach a base for Brno.

Hassani struck out 13 players with 124 pitches. Of these 86 were strikes. Hluboká’s pitcher also didn’t walk anyone.

In the end, Hluboká won with the only run of the game, which was batted in by Lukáš Jelínek. Draci didn’t win despite a great game from Jhenderson Hurtado and Jose Medina. Brno has the second most number of runs in Extraliga this season, but they were also scoreless in 7 games so far.

HASSANI Austin (W)9.01000131.94
Hassani’s statistics against Draci

Remaining EXL Friday games:
Eagles – Kotlářka 6-1
Arrows – Hroši 3-6
Nuclears – Tempo (postponed)

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