EXL: Eagles Praha beat Hluboká at home, too

After a wild start of the series Eagles and Hluboká continued on Monday. This time the game wasn’t as dramatic, even though Hluboká wasn’t far from mounting a comeback.

Eagles started the game well when they were 3-0 ahead in the first inning. One of the RBIs came from Willie De La Barcena who took the first place in Extraliga RBIs this season, with 21.

Visitors sent Vojtěch Vlach for William Nahmens on the mound in the fourth inning, who also threw on Wednesday and this seemed to work for the hosts. They scored 5 runs in the inning, one coming after an error, thanks to which they were leading 8-2.

However, Tomáš Duffek allowed three runs in the fifth inning and so he was substituted by Vasko Kolev, who then allowed two more runs and suddenly Sokol was only 7-8 behind. Host didn’t want to leave anything to chance and so they sent in their Wednesday starter Natsuki Tamba, who didn’t allow any hits for the remainder of the game.

Furthermore, Eagles added two more runs in the eighth inning and finished the game 10-7. The last run of the game came thanks to the third hit from Šimon Blažek, who had 3 RBI.

Eagles kept the third spot in Extraliga and their advancement to TOP6 is currently in their hands. On the other hand, Hluboká needs to start winning, or their chances will quickly evaporate.

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