U12 EC: Czechs threw a no-hitter against Ukraine

Czech U12 nation team, led by Marián Krásny were the favorite to win on Wednesday against Ukraine. In the end they confirmed the predictions by throwing a combined no-hitter.

Czechs used two pitchers throughout the game. Robin Karpíšek threw 3 innings and David Benda added another one. Ukraine was unable to get going against them when they only reached a base once after a walk.

On the other hand Czech bats excelled resulting into 21-0 win. We could also witness 3 homeruns, 2 of which were grand slam. Those came from bats of Kryštof Kotouček and Marek Švehla. Adriana Salabová then added a solo homerun.

Czechs are now certain to advance to the semifinals after Germany beat France in the evening game.

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