Petr Čech loaned to Technika Brno

Last season Petr Čech played for Draci Brno. This year things changed and fans will be able to see him in Technika colors – team who is a long-term Draci rival.

Technika Brno doesn’t hide their ambitions to return to Extraliga. However, the start of the season didn’t go well for them, after they only won one game against Bučovice. Petr Čech will bring a lot of quality to their lineup. Popular “Koblih” (meaning Donut) is in a good form this season, having BA .413, he aims to get his personal record in the regular season.

Čech will return to the First League after six years. Last time he played there was in 2015 for Klasik Frýdek-Místek where he played 5 games. He has 18 games in the second best baseball league with BA .464. He now gets a chance to improve it. Fans can look forward to yet another big name in the league.

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