ASG 22: Pabel Manzanero won Homerun Derby

Homerun Derby is a traditional part of All-Star Game and it was the same this.

There were six players participating in the first round, the best of which was Martin Červenka who blasted 5 homeruns. Martin Mužík found himself on the opposite side when he only had one. Petr Čech, with three homeruns, also didn’t make the final cut. On the other hand, there were three players with 4 HR each. Pabel Manzanero, Matěj Menšík and Ryan Johnson thus had to break the tie.

Manzanero went first, adding 4 more homeruns. Menšík, who followed after him, had a homerun less and thus he ended up his final journey. Johnson remained the only one who could overtake Manzanero. However, he was only able to score 2 homeruns and the final was set.

There, Manzanero added 5 HR, tying the Červenka’s first round score. Czech was unable to repeat his performance from the first round and thus it was Draci player who became the Homerun Derby king in 2022 All Star Game.

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