EXL: Hluboká announced this season’s signing

Baseball club Sokol Hluboká announced all of their signing for the upcoming season on their social pages. Beside Mike Fitzsimmons and Alex Lemmon, about who we already wrote, there is also a duo Austin Hassani and William Nahmens.

Czechs fans are likely to know Austin Hassani better, since he was a part of Great Britain team at European Championship. There he played as a starter again Spain, but he only remained on the mound for an inning, when Spain scored 5 runs against him. He had a better game against Sweden, when he threw 5 innings and allowed 4 hits, and 1 walk, but no runs. In the past three seasons he played in German Bundesliga. In the previous year he threw 70 innings with ERA 2.31 and 51 SO for Hamburg Stealers.

William Nahmens is Austrian utility player who played in Austrian Bundesliga. In the previous year he had BA .325 in 33 games for Vienna Metrostart. He also added 63.2 innings with ERA 3.68 and 56 SO. He previously also played in Sweden, at college in USA, but also in Australia.

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